Work smarter, not harder. People said.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

No matter what our job and where we work at, seems like we always need to get everything done in one day. Emails, tasks, deadlines, another deadline, meetings to attend to, conference call with people in HQ, monthly reporting, weekly reporting, daily progress, creating a deck for presentation, individual tasks, man… we’ve got too much on our plate already, huh?

Work hard anywhere. Really?

Well, here’s the thing: work is just work. We have more to do in life outside our job.

Instead of putting in those extra hours, we can become more effective at work by focusing on what really matters. This way, we could start work smarter and not harder!

Those who work with me know that I always leave at 6 pm straight. It’s not because I hate my job: it’s because I already finished all my tasks and no need to put extra hours just because everyone do so.

Here’s the thing: people love to look busy all the time. They love it when they have a lot of things to do, doing overtime, stay late to finish all the works. They need constant recognition from others because of busy means successful, busy means you are hardworking, busy means you know what you’re doing in life.

But hey, if we can finish all our tasks within working hours by wisely managing our time, why we feel the need to overtime?

What matters the most is our performance and how the results of our work in the end. It’s not defined by how many hours we put in but by how much effort we put while doing the job.

So yeah, instead of wasting your time at work and finishing something that you could do in office hours, go spend your time to do other things! Find a gym near your office, do yoga after work, learn new skills, recharge yourself by doing something you love, have a nice conversation with your family, or even let yourself to sleep early! As for myself, I love spending my time watching a new series on Netflix or simply scrolling through Instagram to see what my fave up to these days after work. It helps me to put my heart in ease. I mean, see there’s a lot of things you could do outside work, so spend it wisely!

There are 168 hours every week. We probably spend 40 at work, leaving it with 128 to sleep, eat, rest, and spend however we want. If we spend our time at work every day in a week…well, you do the math. 

We only have one life so please use our time well.

And always remember what John Wooden once said: “Don’t let making a living prevent you from making a life.” 

Good luck!



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