They said, follow your passion and make your passion as your career. This might be true because when you work on something you really love, you’ll never feel as working. I agree. My relationship with writing is exactly like this. Almost four years working in the industry and never regret it for once.

Sometimes your passion can’t be your job

But then again, passion is not something you can define. It’s okay if you can’t fulfill your dreams on something you love. It’s okay if your passion can’t be your job. In my case, I learned that it’s okay if I can’t be an architect or even a designer interior. I can’t make it as my job but that’s okay because I can develop my liking from time to time, enjoying every building I found along the way or traveling to see outdoor spaces that I admired. As long as it makes you happy, then that’s it. Because passion supposed to makes your life interesting and happier regardless of results.

Don’t let a single thing define you. Keep adapting, keep changing, and keep enjoying.

Work diligently to collect those paychecks. Then spend some time developing your passion, do something you love, and be happy!



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