Sliding into WordPress pretending as if everyone is expecting me to be back here hehe jk. Can’t believe we’re already in 2021! Time flies so fast because I feel like I just blinked and bam 2020 just ended.

How’s everyone doing so far? I haven’t been around much last year here (as you can see from my last post lol it was in freaking May!), but I hope everyone is doing OK. In the middle of uncertainty like today, just being alive and going through the day is considered an achievement too. So, if you’re reading this, please know that I’m proud of you, you did your best to stay sane despite all the negativities that have been around lately, and you’ll be OK. Everything will be alright at some point so hang in there!

Anyway. Nothing much happen to me last year. Still the same me, the same girl, same office, same position, same shit, same struggles, more expectations, etc. Everyone often said how do you expect something to change when you can’t even change yourself, but hey people like us do exist? We tried our best to change the situation but sometimes the universe was like “not today, maybe later” no matter how hard you tried.

(If you think you’re going to find something insightful in this post, no you not <3)

Last year was hard for all of us. A lot of stressful things happened and on top of that, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic! There’s a lot of change that we faced on daily basis, starting from our work habits, lifestyle, and many more. Working from home means working for long hours, unnecessary meeting, tight deadline, responsibilities that need to be done in no time, no social life because we can’t go out and hang out with our friends, anxiety attack because everyone seems to have the time of their life—engagement announcements, wedding shots, baby picture, continuing their studies, etc, meanwhile you’re still stuck in the same phase, the list is endless and it’s very easy to feel under the weather these days. Hello, darkness my everyday friends!

But you see, if there’s anything I could gain from last year it’s probably acceptance and how to sit back at times. Because of the pandemic, I realized that life is about balance and how important it is to stop for a while and enjoying every single thing. I learned how to appreciate my family more because when everything goes wrong in your life, they are the people who genuinely care about you and always have your back. I love them with all my heart and every second time I spent with them was precious. You don’t know how much they’ve meant to me.

Pandemic also teach me that it’s okay if you are not focusing on big things. Life shouldn’t be about limiting ourselves to any big goals anyway! As long as you don’t stop, you’re doing alright. Every single step you take matters! It’s never too late to try something new and never, never use your age as a limitation on something. Life is too short! Do anything you want to try before it’s too late.

(The way I type 500-ish word just for rambling here lol sorry not sorry tho)

I know this post will going round in circles so before everyone got bored, let’s just end it here. I hope I could write and spent more time on this platform, as much as I do on Twitter or Instagram (lol), so see you around!



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