Lately, my mind has been racing nonstop around some choices that I should make or I should not do. Not gonna lie, I’ve been living comfortably around my comfort zone (lol) and it was hard to step up sometimes.

And here comes the question: is it wrong to live comfortably like this? Not making any big progress and just getting by each day, trying to survive while staying sane at the same time?

I know the answer is yes—yes, it is wrong on so many levels. Comfort zone is such a dangerous place, you are comfortable enough and it makes you feel content, not knowing that you have much much bigger opportunities out there, to learn, to grow, and to make mistake. It makes you feel okay even though you settle for less and you’re scared to walk out of your comfort bubble because you are not ready with a new environment, new challenge, and everything in between.

I have been battling about this and that, but then again, I realize that living isn’t just about ‘that’.

Talking about things outside your comfort bubble is such a terrifying feeling. It is scary, I know.

But, hey, sometimes we need to do that in order to feel good about ourselves and striving for what best for us. Sometimes, what we need isn’t about big projects, fancy achievements, new promotions, new gigs, etc; it’s about knowing that we’re getting better in whatever we do, because we’re making progress every day. For now—at least for me—it is what matters the most.



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