By now, you’ve probably heard Netflix original series, Russian Doll, which dropped in early February and quickly took the internet by storm. It contained 8 episodes (and 30 minutes long for each episode), making it as a perfect show to binge.

I decided to give Russian Doll a try and watched it a week after it aired. And you know what… I finished the whole series in one sitting and couldn’t pull myself away because it was pure genius! I mean, the brilliant conversation, the bantering between Nadia and Alan, the emotional pain, the labyrinth of mystery, all of it feels refreshing and original. Such a quirky, dark, and enjoyable show to watch. Of course, this show isn’t for everyone but heck please do yourself a favor and watch it.

I love her so much

Russian Doll revolves around Nadia, the guest of honor at her 36th birthday party. It seems fine and all until she died on a car crash on the way to her apartment. Then, she finds herself abruptly returning to the start of her birthday party. This mysterious loop—whereby she dies in different ways at the end of every night and back at the party—keep repeating each and every day.

Nadia then meets a younger man, Alan, who is also caught in the same loop and experience the same thing. Both of them realize that there’s something wrong with it and decided to set out on a mission to solve the mystery. They keep dying each night but they also discovered something more about the time loop.

The pilot episode was rather slow and I almost drop it without finishing one. But hell, no. Please be patient with the plot because the emotional roller coaster will start anytime soon. It was soooo good, every scene has a meaning not just a filler and the character development for both leads is really touching you end up loving them like they’re your actual babies. You’ll understand why they are behaving like that, each episode will give you a little puzzle about Nadia and Alan, and by the end of the series, you’ll know the meaning behind the title: Russian Doll. The characters weren’t perfect in any way—they also had their own flaw and multilayered personality, making them feel so much more alive and adding a richer plus compelling story.

Netflix did a great job making this show. Loved it and I highly recommended you to watch this!



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