I just find that random and out of the blue compliments are always the nicest to hear.

I’ve never heard someone praising me as a fashionable person, let alone stylish.

For the record, I never considered myself as a stylish one. I always prefer functional clothes rather than fancy clothes. My ‘office-look’ usually involves some simple t-shirt, jeans or culottes, and some layering like blazer, jackets, or sometimes knitted sweater. The reason why I love such clothes is because it’s simple, comfortable, warm, and yet still looks presentable to work.

So, it’s kinda surprised me when my coworker said she admires my fashion sense. One day, both of us just standing in the pantry after making some coffee, and she said, “You know, I always love your style. You just put comfortable clothes together and somehow it still looks stylish.”

It didn’t stop like that. My other coworker, who sits near the pantry also said, “Agree. Have you ever thought of opening your own fashion blog? I think it suits you.” Then he added, “Really. Rather than just photographing things, you should start documenting your daily outfit on your Instagram.”

Hearing them throwing some compliments to me got me like–boy! I never thought that someone in office loving the way I dress lol.

And it really brings so much joy. I know I shouldn’t let other people opinion change the way I saw myself. I know I didn’t need their validation to feel good about myself. But knowing that other people appreciate myself (though it’s just mere appearance) kinda makes me love myself more. It boosts my confidence level and I love it.

Moral story: if you have something nice to say about someone be it their works, appearances, or even their personality, let them know. Appreciate them. Make sure they know how inspiring, kind, and smart you find them. And yes, compliments don’t always have to be about appearance. If you find someone helpful and make things easier for you, go tell them. You might make their entire day.

Spread kindness around like confetti. Imagine the amount of happiness you would dispense in a lifetime. No act of kindness—no matter how small—is ever wasted <3



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