Whether you are a super fan of ‘Winter Sonata’ or just curious with the famous Ginkgo Tree Lane/Metasequoia Lane, a visit to Nami Island is a must-do when you are in Korea. Here are my top tips to help you avoid the crowds and make the most of your visit!

1. Choose your entrance. Most people will head to the Winter Sonata Statue or Metasequoia Lane because it is the flashiest and most popular, but you can take your time to discover more in Nami Island. Go to the Bungalow Row Riverside Path and head over to Gangneung Gyeongpo Garden as they are usually not as busy. You can still visit Ginkgo Tree Lane and Metasequoia Lane after enjoying some quiet times at this place! Avoiding the crowds at its best, am I right?

2. Get a map. After purchasing an ‘entry visa’, you’ll get a map. Naminara Republic is huge, and you don’t want to waste time wandering aimlessly. Do check the map and pick a spot you want to visit.

3. Take your time. Try not to just run from one place to another. Soak in where you are. Pay attention to nature, enjoy the weather, explore — I promise you won’t regret it!

4. You don’t have to take a photo in Ginkgo Tree Lane and Metasequoia Lane when it’s too crowded—in fact, you can find a lot of trees that looked similar but with fewer people. Play around with your camera and take lots of photos!

And that’s it from me. Hope it helps! Any other ways you can think of?



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