It was a slow Saturday afternoon when my little sister decided we need to go out so we had something to do aside sleeping and do nothing. Saturday literally means ‘sat your day’ so I didn’t have a problem with sleeping all day tbh. But anyway, we decided to go to Serpong and then went straight back to Karawaci because she needs to buy something.

It’s no secret that Serpong has a lot to offer to coffee shop lovers. From unique to minimalist to quirky coffee shop concept, you can find it all in Serpong. So, if you on the lookout for a place to drink coffee and chill, Serpong might just be your perfect destination to go!

Asagao usually being my go-to coffee shop in Serpong but that day, I feel like I want to discover more. With that thought, we went to Ruko Golden 8, near Pahoa school. You can find a lot of restaurants, Chinese food, gelato chains, or even a cool coffee shop in this area.

Like this underrated coffee shop, for example.

The Midsummer’s Shakespeare is really one of a kind. From the moment you entered this small coffee shop, the interior will put you in awe. I mean, hell yes, all the heart eyes for their interior! The literature concept, the cozy vibes, the color tone, the resemblance of elegance meet classics, and the whimsical decor (man, they really put their heart on their interior and I LOVE IT so much), everything so perfect.

One of the perfect place to go if you wish to spend a slow weekend tbh.

I managed to snap several pictures inside this cafe, so let’s take a look!

If this wasn’t the prettiest interior ever, I don’t know what is.

And one thing I love the most about The Midsummer’s Shakespeare: the atmosphere is so quiet so you could talk with your friend comfortably without having to compete with the music. The barista was kind enough to put down the music when customers were around which I appreciate it so much. And they are super helpful on explaining the menu as it had the quirkiest name ever lol. In a good way, of course.

Royale Rumble (3.5/5)

Speaking of which, The Midsummer’s Shakespeare didn’t have a wide range of menu and they serve it with a takeaway concept. That means, even though you want to dine-in, they still serving your drink on a plastic cup and paper wrap for your food without a plate or spoon. Idk if this their concept or because of they still gradually growing. Let’s see, then.

For beverages, my sister and I tried a different kind of drink. As a coffee lover, my sister picked Sonnet No. 18–a kind of latte, not too sweet, and have a creamy texture. Meanwhile, I picked Monsieur Caramel because I craved for something sweet. Both of them have a unique taste and I love my drink; worth every penny to be honest. And for our drinks companion, we chose Royale Rumble, a savory bread (which reminds me with the one I ate in Myeongdong!) that taste so good and warm. Don’t be fooled by its size; it might look small but gurrrlll by the time you eat it, you’ll know.

Overall, this cafe is a must visit if you are a literary fan by heart. Loving it and definitely would be back again in the future!



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