Bought myself a house.

Yes, you read it right. I guess this pandemic makes me even crazier than before. I don’t know how I ended up buying a house but I kinda proud of myself.

So this is how adulthood looks like.

Bish that was hard HAHAHAHA *crying at my life savings*

A little back story, actually I don’t plan on owning a house at all, until early 2021. I indeed spent some time to checked and surveyed several new-build house property (cluster-like), but nothing serious because the price is quite high and I don’t have enough money.

That, until, one of my mother’s friends who is working in property development, inform me that there are several units left in the cluster area that she worked with. It’s a nice house, located in the strategist area (and near from my current home!!!), not so small but quite spacious, budget-friendly, and moreover, the architecture is matched with my liking. I went there one time and decided right away that I want it.

I know it quite rushed but everything about that house is just… *chef’s kiss*

And people often said buying a house is similar to choosing a life partner. You just ‘clicked’ and believe he/she is the one. And that’s what I felt too when I saw that house. I already imagined building my own small family in that house, along with my children, and husband too, living happily in our house lmao. I don’t know when it would happen but please please, if you’re reading this, please pray for me haha. Or set me up on a blind date with your single friend. LMAO.

Long story short, the process of buying is quite long as there’s a lot to prepared. I decided to bought it around April and we’re still in the process of a transaction. But hopefully, as we’re approaching June–my birth month!–the house should be ready by then.

Buying a house is a huge responsibility, I know. But it just feels right… it surely takes a lot of my savings as well–untuk itu, mari kita bekerja dengan giat dan mendulang pundi-pundi rupiah. Wish me luck!



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