Today is quite special for me. It’s been a while since Mom and I have a nice little chitchat together. So it took me by surprise when she asked me if I want to go grab a coffee with her this morning.

Usually, it’s always me and siblings and father and it’s never just us. I even forgot when was the last time we hang out together. And for the record: my mother isn’t much a coffee person. She loves tea and rarely drink coffee.

The fact that she just asked for coffee, knowing that I love them so much just makes me emo for a bit. And I said to her, “Rather than coffee why don’t we go to some place that has a nice tea in it?” she smiled and said, “Great idea, I’m in!”.

We picked the nearest restaurant from our house and sit face to face across each other. Mom with her fav tea and me with my fav coffee. And we talked for hours, about how hard life these days (me) and about my new role in office (which makes me uncomfortable sometimes).

She said, “It’s okay if you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Just focus on what you can do and do it better. Insecurities and anxiety will always find you no matter what and no matter how great you’re. And one thing you could do is fight it and keep pushing forward.”

Man, I keep forgetting that having a convo with my mom could be this therapeutic. Like she always knew what I need to hear and when I need it. She said it’s meant so much for her when I started to speaking with her about anything, sharing my problems, etc.

It’s because I’m pretty much always be that kind of person who kept all her problems and insecurities alone to avoid inconvenience. Talking about my problems casually to other people is not my thing because I always think it’s the sign of weakness and nobody have no time for that.

Mom knows that I was in a stressful situation with a lot of pressure these days so she wants me to start to open up with her. It was hard at first, but we (I) managed to do it over a cup of coffee. And it means so much for me as I feel better and lighter than before.

Note to self: please find some time to hang out with Mom because yourself is definitely needed it thanks.



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