Many said that one of the best indicators of a person’s character, faith, and personal development is seeing how he or she handles conflict. It’s easy to be nice and friendly when everything is good, but how do you deal with difficulties, misunderstandings, and differences? Most people crack under pressure and everything they stand for goes out the window when things don’t go their way.

What’s the point of having a strong Islamic knowledge if we don’t use it to guide us in our conflicts?

What’s the use of all the worship if it doesn’t cleanse our heart and help us to forgive?

What’s the use of all the degrees and education if it doesn’t make us act in a mature way?

What’s the point of achievement if we haven’t worked on overcoming our ego?

If a person can resolve his or her conflict with wisdom and maturity it reveals their true character, if not then there’s spiritual deficiency along with personality flaws.

Here are some suggestions to resolve a conflict:

1. Purify your heart from arrogance. Your ego, if it’s not tamed, will get you to be stubborn and cruel. It will keep saying, “Why should I take the first step?” “Why should I apologize?” A tamed ego will encourage you to make peace.

2. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Don’t assume the worst and act upon your assumptions. When you strive to see the best in others, you will be filled with peace rather than rancor.

3. Try to understand the other person even if you don’t agree with them. Listen attentively and allow them to explain their perspective.

4. Let go of silly disputes and misunderstandings. Life is too short to hold on to every little problem. The person who can let go of the pain, resentment, anger, and misunderstandings wins! They win in this world by being happier and more at peace and they win in the akhira for passing their difficult tests.

5. Compromise and find a way that you can both be happy!

Got it from Haleh Banani. Just a little reminder for myself 🙂



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