I’m not a fan of horror, be it a movie or tv series, but ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ really got me. I watched the first 3 episodes and maaan! it was pretty good. The last thing I know, I finished the whole season and it left me drowning on all of these emotions. Never thought a horror series could turn me into a sobbing mess lol.

The official poster looks so eerie

A lot of people expecting jump scares here and there (me included), but hi there, you’ve been played. If you loved a scene that made you jump and scream, then this show wasn’t for you. The ghost in this series mostly appears as shadowy figures levitating in the background (still scary I know, for a scaredy cat like me lol). Some scene was gruesome but still acceptable. And you know what more scared rather than the ghost or gruesome scene? The atmosphere. I swear to God, the atmosphere in this series was so dark, scary, and super creepy to the point it leaves me with the sense of terror lmao

Overall, I’m enjoying it. Not ‘enjoying’ in terms of ‘absolutely love it’ but well it was great. Definitely worth to watch, especially for horror genre fans!

Here for more horror series to watch in the future!



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