Have you ever watched a movie and got goosebumps all over your body when it ends because it was THAT good? Like when the lights are on, everyone leaves their seat, and you just sit there staring on the black screen, slowly realizing that it was over and you need to go back to your mundane life?

Well, I have. And that’s what exactly happened an hour ago when I watched Swing Kids.

Swing Kids is a musical drama film directed and co-written by Kang Hyeong-cheol. The film stars Doh Kyungsoo, Park Hyesu, Jared Grimes, Oh Jungse, and Kim Minho. It was released on December 19 in South Korea and finally entering the Indonesian market today, January 9, 2019.

By now you probably guessing why I love that movie so much. Right, because of Kyungsoo to be really honest. But hey, I’m trying objective here. Aside from Kyungsoo’s appearance, Swing Kids is a well-made movie with heart-wrenching story. Easily one of the best kmovie that I watched so far.

Here’s why.

Takes place in Geoje prison camp during the Korean War in 1951, a rebellious soldier Roh Kisoo (played by Doh Kyungsoo) falls in love with tap dancing and torn between passion and faith to his nation. It was a musical and war movie at the same time and you probably guessed what would happen next. RIP.

I’m not gonna spoil the entire storyline but really this movie such a gem.

Throughout the whole movie, some scenes gave us the illusion that everything is OK. I found myself laugh along with them, unconsciously tapping my foot on the floor on the tap-dance scenes, even smiling so hard when I saw Roh Kisoo; all of it make us forgot that war was still going on.

And the ending… Bish. It was brutal, a rough one, but I think there’s no perfect ending other than that, considering this was a Korean war movie. It’s beautiful, bittersweet, and the emotion will hit you hard regardless. It reminds us not to take freedom for granted.

I remember Kyungsoo describes Swing Kids with 3 hashtags on one of his movie stage promotion:

  1. #passion: it’s passion for dance.
  2. #relatable: you can’t help but relate to it.
  3. #joy: because he thinks you’ll be able to leave the theater in a good mood.


Now after finally watch it on cinema, Kyungsoo sweetie seems like we should talk about the definition of #joy. Because man I was crying like crazy in toilet until my head hurts hahaha.

As his fan, watching Swing Kids gives me a sense of pride; often times I found myself smiling and thought, “Ah, this is our Kyungsoo.” You could saw his growth as an actor, on how he portrayed a passionate and playful troublemaker Roh Kisoo—a character that he never played before. This boy worked so hard between his busy schedule with EXO, traveling overseas back and forth for a concert, and preparing album at the same time, but he still nailing his role. He shaved his head despite his status as an idol, learn North Korean accent, and learn tap dancing before filming.

So, if your local cinema is showing Swing Kids, please do yourself a favor and watch it, especially if you love foreign movies. Watch it once, watch it twice, watch it many many times. It’s really worth your time and money.

I also made Swing Kids playlist on Spotify if you want to revisit some memories after watching it on cinema. I swear to God, Free as a Bird will never feel the same way again after Swing Kids lol. Enjoy!

I’d give this movie 5/5 because it was really really good. Forget ideology and let’s dance instead. Happy watching!



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