Have you ever feel so jealous of someone’s life on social media?

According to Forbes, social media has become a source of stress, unhappiness, and jealousy, for posters and observers alike. It seems like everyone is leading a life better than your own so it’s easy to fell through social media jealousy. Vacation photos, engagement announcements, wedding shots, baby pictures, or even career development—the more you scroll, the more you can spiral downwards into a pit of self-loathing and despair.

Here are what you can do to engage in healthy social media relationship:

  • Social media does not always reflect reality. Everyone will only share their positive and happy experiences, just like you do. Most people will keep their difficulties in life and not sharing it on social media. So, remember what people post in social media does not always align with their actual life.
  • Comparison is the thief of joy. When you start comparing your *actual* life with the lives of someone you follow in social media, you can’t help but feeling envy and jealous. So, avoid making comparisons and focus on what you have. By constantly comparing your life, you may lose sight of the amazing things about your own life. Be grateful and start appreciating what you have, and not what other people have.
  • Follow a lot of accounts that inspire you. The reason why I’m still using Instagram when everyone else feels the need to delete it because it was too toxic: I love seeing a good photograph, I love seeing aesthetically pleasing pictures, and it inspires me in so many ways. So, instead of following an influencer account with a heavy sponsored post, I choose to follow creative people with architecture or interior design background. And the results, my daily feed is filled with pretty pictures about building or room interior.
  • It’s okay to unfollow any account that is giving you more stress than satisfaction. If you feel empty or jealous after reading or seeing posts from someone in social media, it’s okay to unfollow them. You don’t have to explain your choices to anyone. Focus on what’s best for you. Even though you unfollowed someone you know in real life, that has nothing to do with them as a person. You are just making choices that will help you feel better.
  • Spread positivity. There are so many fun and uplifting things you can do in real life and social media. For example, you love to read. Do that and share what you read on social media! Who knows it can inspire people on your account to read more too. Found some recipes that you want to try this weekend? Let’s do that and share the recipe on your social media account too. The more, the merrier! Remember sharing is caring.

Social media is superficial, but it can be a great tool and resource if you tailor it to your use. You are in control, choose to use social media as a medium to find inspiration, making a connection, and be happy. You are you, not what you post on social media.



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