I never thought that I’ll end-up loving baking as much as I do nowadays. I’m not a cooking person. I love eating but surely I have no talent in cooking or even baking.

But life itself is always full of surprise, isn’t it?

Now, I found joy on creating something in the kitchen. Recently, I cooked some easy meals for myself like homemade steak (it’s really yummy I’m proud of myself tbh), mac and cheese, and also simple tempura. And the joy of cooking doesn’t stop there. Other than that, I also found another interest in the kitchen: baking and cookies.

Yes, you read it right. The girl right here is completely blown away by the joy of baking.

With the help from my talented neighbor and of course, my super mom, I learned how to bake cookies. We started from nastar, kaastangels, and then cornflakes chocolate. It’s a simple recipe but it’s really really good.

I brought some of the fresh baked cookies to the office and turns out my coworker love it so much! My sister also brings some to her office, and to my surprise, they also asked how much the price and wants it for Hari Raya.

Long story short, I decided to sell it. It was such an abruptly decision but I never regretted it for once. Sometimes you just need to trust your gut and chasing the opportunity you have in hand without thinking too much. And so, I choose to take the opportunity and do it seriously.

I started creating the concept of my cookies and make sure it was different from others. I decorated it prettily and set up the table for product photography. And if some of you followed me on Instagram, I’m pretty sure y’all already saw that as I promoted it quite heavy weeks ago lol. For packaging, it’s really simple but I added some personal touch like handwriting tag and satin ribbon. Glad lots of people admire and love it!

(That kind of feeling when you’re so used on promoting other brand and now you need to promote your own business… priceless!)

Anyway, all of this is such a new experience for me and I kinda enjoyed it. I feel so… alive? Often time, I find myself unconsciously browsing through a cooking recipe that I want to bake on the weekend. Having a new interest makes me feel good about myself and also makes me realize that life is indeed worth living. I don’t know how long I’ll love baking until I found another new interest but for now, I’ll enjoy it as much as I do!



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