Let me tell you a story.

There is this boy whom I used to love. Actually no, scratch that. It wasn’t love per se, but more to admiration. I used to admire him a lot because he always looks calm and collected compared to chaotic boys of our age. And he was really friendly and also smart too. Not that kind of book-smart, but generally smart as you can talk about anything—literally anything with him. I used to discuss lots of things with him, from basketball to politics, or even funny jokes back in the day.

Yeah, he’s special that way.

I always knew he is special and I admire him a lot but I never, never, never think about him romantically. Like I know I was comfortable with him and I enjoyed his presence a lot, but I never imagine me being in relationship with him. Not that way. More like in friendly-way.

That, until a few months ago, I talked with him again.

Several years have passed with no contact at all and we basically forgot about each other’s existence BUT one day, that day, we started talking again.

I decided to keep the anonymity of this man to avoid chaos at all costs btw HAHA.

It’s just…something feels right. Talking and joking with him brings back all the memories I had back then. Like how I used to talk about anything and everything, let him stays in my home and let my mom taking care of him, or that day when he shows his vulnerability—and let me saw him for what he actually is, not what he decided to shows to everyone, about his fear, his dream, what he wants to do with the rest of his life if he wasn’t afraid.

Talking with him made me realized how much this man means to me. Even though time and our mundane daily life has drift us apart, deep down, I realize that he always has a special place in my heart.

And I was drawn to his charm once again. He is just getting better, braver, smarter, wittier, and charmer.

I don’t even know if this called love or am I just longing for memories I had about him, but—let me just think about it for a moment. Let me enjoyed his presence once again, let him entered to my life once again, and getting that butterflies once again.

Please pray for me lol.


Since people been asking about this directly to me: nothing happen y’all omg stop screaming lol :”D we’re just friends and if you guys have an agenda to introduce me to one of your friends, then please proceed HAHAHAHA. Thank you <3



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