Between work, family, social lives, binge-watching, and also the temptation of social media, trying to find time to read can be so difficult. We have limited hours in a day, and we also have limited energy. Pushing yourself to read isn’t always the best way to go about reading more. However, there are a few ways you can try to squeeze more time for reading in between your daily activities.

  1. Use your commuting time. Plenty of people use their commutes to read, which is a great idea. If you find bringing books is annoying especially in the morning commute where the train or bus is packed with people, an e-book is your best friend. Or you can try audiobooks too for a greater experience!
  2. Tackle one chapter at a time. You don’t have to finish the entire novel right away, you just have to start.
  3. Read books that you actually enjoy. If you only want to read suspense novels, great. If you love business books and autobiographies, read those. When you find a genre or topic that really interests you, making time to read becomes much easier and more enjoyable because you just can’t wait to pick it up!
  4. Before going to bed. Though it might be harder because your mind already tired after a long tiring day, reading before going to bed can help you to ease and sleep better. Spend some time to read, 15 minutes will work too rather than scrolling through your phone right before sleep.

To borrow words from David Ogilvy, reading can be “a priceless opportunity to furnish your mind and enrich the quality of your life.” So, happy reading!



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