EXO is going for a heist concept. They’re coming.

Remember when I said Tempo kinda reminds me of Monster?

Now, EXO is back with their latest repackage single Love Shot.

And here’s the interesting part: the mv giving us a hint about parallel universe between Monster, Lotto, and Love Shot. As we all know, Lotto was the repackaged version of Monster. Which means, the plot thickens as Tempo and Love Shot are going down to Monster x Lotto era. Fans also noting that the boys were using a bit choreography from Monster on Love Shot. And there’s actually a lot of explanation why every EXO’s mv were related to each other and it’s kind of making me goosebumps, to be honest.

Well, I need to calm down here.

Let’s start on mv preview that released by SM, a week before D-Day.

The video starts with the boys entering an opera (or art museum) as if they’re a world class criminal trying to steal the most expensive jewels. Fans speculating that EXO planning a grand heist to steal the world biggest diamond because of the newest logo at the end of the video.

*though the biggest heist in K-pop is SM robbing EXO-L money lmfao*

Previously, EXO-L went crazy when SM releasing EXO’s newest logo on every social media because the new logo means a new era. And we’re getting a shiny diamond with EXO’s logo beautifully crafted inside it! After watching the mv teaser, this makes us a hundred percent sure that EXO is going for a heist concept and is planning to steal a diamond. They even pointing a gun to each other, kill people, and fighting a heavy tight security system. That’s must be it, right???

At least, that’s what we got from mv teaser.

Current status update: blessed.

Now, let’s see the actual MV. I recommend you to watch the MV below before continue reading!

*laughing at the plot twist no one expected*

Lol. So, EXO scheming a heist of the century, SKY (Sehun, Kai, Yeol) and CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin) pointing a gun to each other, Kyungsoo monitoring from above and was ready on his car outside the building, plus Suho behaving as if he was the mafia boss waiting for the heist result, all of it just to steal a bunch of flowers???

Top ten anime betrayals #ItsTheLoveShot.

Everyone thought EXO is going on a diamond heist and here they were, collecting flowers for their car trunk while acting all dramatic. I love my men.

But hey, it’s not EXO’s mv if it hasn’t got all of us overanalyzing after watching it!

Aside from flower heist, I noticed that the Red Cube was there. Remember the last scene on Tempo, where Baekhyun went back on the box alone, holding something that later shown was the cube??? On Love Shot mv, Suho was the one who holds the red cube. And based on this mv storyline (I hope I wasn’t reaching this time), Suho was the mafia boss for CBX. After getting the cube from Tempo, Baekhyun gave it to their boss.

And guess what: the opponent, which is SKY and Kyungsoo, are trying the get the cube back!

Who’s gonna win the red cube back?

While CBX were fighting with SKY, their boss (Suho and Kyungsoo) also fighting with each other to get the red cube. Suho tries his best to protect the red cube and Kyungsoo also tries hard to take it.

Later, it was revealed that Kyungsoo successfully took the red cube from Suho and CBX finally knows that Xiumin actually the spy on their team! It kinda makes sense though because, in Tempo, Xiumin was the one who works with Kyungsoo to build the cube!

In conclusion, the grand heist wasn’t for the flowers nor for the diamond. It’s actually for something bigger, priceless, and more valuable: the red cube! 

Mind: blowing.

This also opens a new possibility if SKY wasn’t actually confronting CBX: the boys were fighting the SWAT team who try to steal their red cube while protecting Kyungsoo and Suho. It’s because the two of them are the only members who hold the red cube.

While it does feel cryptic and confusing, we need to admit that the plotline does seem fairly interesting.

It’s not the first time EXO’s mv got us wondering because it shows some parallels with other music videos. And one thing that we know for sure: every mv is connected with each other and it is a FULL CIRCLE. The plot thickens every time they released new mv because we’re getting the continuation of the story!

Now, let’s talking about the parallel universe between Monster, Lotto, and Love Shot. 

Parallel universe on Monster and Love Shot
Top: Monster scene. Below: Love Shot scene

First thing first: the similar scene where Chen watching the boys when he was getting arrested on Monster AND a Love Shot scene where Suho look back at the rest of members while walking with the SWAT team.

Fans also noting the iconic floor dance from Monster making a comeback in Love Shot (I was too lazy to screenshot it lmao but I believe you already knew which one). Not to mention a scene where Kyungsoo monitoring everything from above (from Lotto) and also Baekhyun who seems to know everything while standing alone on the roof (from Tempo and also Monster mv). It feels like every dot from the previous mv were finally makes sense on Love Shot mv.

Actually, I could write a long-ass essay explaining this theory but let’s keep it short and save it for the future post.

exo love shot
“You can sit with us.”

Musical-wise, I think Love Shot is such a feel-good song with a catchy and addictive chorus. It might be a simple hook: “naa nanananana it’s the love shot!” but you can’t deny that it goes through your head to the point you can’t help but hum the chorus even though the song already ends. Love Shot is more comfortable to hear because it’s such an easy song, compared to Tempo with its acapella part.

I also love the bridge part, when Kyungsoo goes “People come and people go…” after the chorus. It’s really satisfying to hear, my ears have been blessed. Kyungsoo is really out there serving both visual, talent, and also vocal and I can’t thank him enough for that. Thank you, King.

exo love shot review
These scenes though *brb crying*

And for the musical video…wow. It’s a mesmerizing feast for the eyes. It was like watching a whole movie and I loved how they put the dreamy tone on several scenes. Bless EXO stylist because the outfit they put to our boys were really good, I seriously could cry seeing at how handsome they were huhu. Whoever in charge of creating the concept deserves a huge rise tbh. The choreography… even though it was sinful (lmao), we need to admit that it was smooth yet powerful.

Though I didn’t care about chart or number (I’m here for their music, mind you) it’s really nice to see their song was charting really well. Here’s the official report that I took from Soompi:

Within hours of its release on December 13 at 6 p.m. KST, EXO’s new repackaged album “Love Shot” not only debuted at No. 1 on various daily album charts in Korea, but it also topped an impressive number of iTunes Top Albums charts all over the world.

As of 10:25 a.m. KST on December 14, “Love Shot” had reached No. 1 on iTunes charts in 60 different regions

EXO’s new title track “Love Shot” also hit No. 1 on various domestic real-time music charts shortly after its release.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Overall (I’m trying to be objective here), Love Shot doing a good job that mark EXO’s comeback in the end of 2018. Album wise, “Love Shot” is a combination between repackaged and winter album that always been EXO’s tradition every year. It included Wait as b-track, a soothing song that could warm your heart in this cold weather. Kyungsoo also said that Wait was his favorite song on Love Shot. 

And if I need to choose between Tempo or Love Shot, I definitely put Love Shot as the answer. It doesn’t mean Tempo was bad in any way (I really like the acapella part and line distribution between the members were pretty fair so everyone gets to shine), but I liked Love Shot more because it’s catchy, addictive, and the storyline from the mv is really interesting.

I’d give 4.5/5!



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